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About Us


What We Do

We have always had a passion for makeup, and when Brittany had her daughter, Lennox, she wanted to create something that she hoped they could continue to build as she gets older. 

A main drive with this brand is to find artists with the same obsession in the beauty of makeup. Artists that give their heart and soul to their makeup line, and are apart of the process from start to finish with the production of their beauty items.


What Is Looks By Lennox

Looks By Lennox is a family owned and operated business, out of a small town in Pennsylvania. The owner, Brittany, has been a makeup enthusiast since she can remember, and after fulfilling her first dream of becoming a mom to three, has decided to pursue her passion in the makeup industry with her main goal being to find quality items at an affordable price for the everyday consumer that has a budget to stick to. 


Giving Back

Looks By Lennox also feels such a huge part of anything in life, is giving back. That is why we chose to ensure that this company gives back to the community/world around us! 

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